11 de enero de 2012


Photos by: José Picayo
1_ T. fuchsii is an exquisite and refined species that looks fragile but is quite hardy. The silvery leaves of the plant arc outward from the base. 
2_ T. ‘Eric Knobloch’ grows to only eight inches, and its leaves turn a frosty rose just before the plant blooms. 
3_ T. mallemontii is a miniature species with fragrant blue flowers and a clumping habit. It prefers the outdoors. 
4_ T. tenuifolia ‘Silver Comb’ has leaves that grow along a stem that can reach two feet before the plant starts to form a clump. This cultivar tends to dry out quickly. 
5_ T. ‘Curly Slim’ can grow to more than two feet. It has a wonderful form, with wide leaves that resemble banana peels. Offsets will occasionally branch off from the main plant. 
6_ T. ‘Showtime’ is prized for its thick stems and symmetrical clumps. 
7_ T. xerographica is the king of all air plants with its silvery gray leaves. It grows slowly but eventually will reach 18 inches in height and 15 inches in diameter. 
8_ T. tenuifolia ‘Blue Flower’ has beautiful pink bracts bearing very blue flowers with pine needle–like foliage. The plant creates small clusters of five to eight inches in diameter.
9_ T. neglecta has thick, succulent leaves and is known for producing many offsets from its main stem. 
10_T. intermedia is unusual in that it produces pups at both ends of the plant. T. crocata is easy to grow and produces tiny yellow flowers with the most delightful fragrance of any Tillandsia.

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  1. Son fascinantes, aunque no son fáciles de encontrar en los viveros tradicionales.

  2. Hola,
    yo las compré en www.ecoterrazas.com, allí al parecer tienen todas estas variedades.

    un saludo

    1. jejejejeje ¿"pepe" esto que es publicidad agresiva y personalizada?

      Bueno pues espero que vendáis muchas ecoterrazas! jejejeje


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